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Our Purpose: 'Our Purpose is to provide the very best early childhood education by creating a stimulating program, a safe environment and healthy lifestyle to families of our communities.'

Lizneyland learning center is proud of our commitment of incorporating a high quality curriculum into our educational program.The Mother Goose Time Curriculum is a well established, nationally acclaimed, researched based curriculum. Mother Goose Time is a curriculum that fosters learning through a sensory-based experience and supports a child’s social-emotional, physical and cognitive development. These skills, when combined with a nurturing environment and passionate teaching staff, will prepare your child for an excellent start to their academic career. Mother Goose Time distinctly weaves 33 research based skills through monthly activities and discovery projects. The primary learning objectives are intentionally planned in the development of social-emotional, physical, language literacy, mathematics, reasoning, social studies, second language acquisition and creative development.

Our Healthy Approach
We also believe strong bodies make strong minds. Our students enjoy a state of the art, 4000 square foot indoor gym facility all year round. A foundation built on proper nutrition with plenty of physical activities can play a major role in a child's ability to learn better. Studies have shown a steady increase in childhood obesity and other negative health patterns for Chicago children before they reach 6th grade. Poor health at early stages of life could be a contributing factor later into adulthood. We focus on preventive care, including nutrition based education programming, increased awareness with a strong emphasis on physical fitness.

Our Facility
We take cleanliness and safety very seriously at Lizneyland Learning Center. Sanitation is an important issue in today's modern day care center as more and more children find it their "home away from home." We follow a strict deep cleaning and sanitizing routine to help fight the spread of infectious germs and harmful bacteria. We use all natural, non-hazardous cleaning agents. Our classrooms, hallways, parking lots and entrances are all brightly lit and electronically monitored 24/7 for safety.